George Clooney Puts Celebrity to Work for Lives of 2 Million Refugees in Darfur

Nothing I like better than to see celebrity put to good use. So I was thrilled to hear about George Clooney’s press conference yesterday, which followed his Wednesday Oprah appearance.

George and his journalist father Nick recently returned from a trip to Sudan’s Darfur region, and reported back to a Washington press conference on the grim situation.He reported that the US Government was stretched militarily, the UN didn’t want to step on the toes of the African Union, and NATO was worn down by the conflict in Afghanistan.

“It is the first genocide of the 21st century,” Clooney said. “What we cannot do is turn our heads and look away and hope that this will somehow disappear.

The press conference followed on the heels of Clooney’s Wednesday appearance on Oprah, where he put one of this country’s broadest platforms to use to broadcast his perspective and motivate involvement.

Clooney  will also speak at Sunday’s Save Darfur Rally to Stop Genocide in Washington DC. Now that’s what I call a star.

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Nancy Schwartz on April 28, 2006 in Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Marketing News, Unique Approaches | 1 comment

  • Gillian

    I found your website when searching for ways to help Darfur as a graphic designer. My mother-in-law is a tireless humanitarian who is absolutely committed to helping the people of Darfur and I truly wish I was able to help her in her noble efforts other than simply writing to my congress person. Is there anything you can suggest I can do to help the children who are dying due to lack of medical help and aid with my graphic design abilities? My skills include: websites, html, flash, powerpoint, print stuff, large format, information design (charts, maps, etc.), advertisements, swag, whatever!!!!
    Thank you so much for your help and this site. I am going to look through it more carefully now.

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