This Creative Brief Template Helps Ensure Powerful Copy and Design

Many creative marketing projects get underway without a clear sense of expectations between a nonprofit’s marketing and organizational leadership, and the creative folks (whether in-house or freelance) delivering it. The result? An extended and expensive creative development process with many revisions – not to mention chewed-up nails, bruised egos and depleted momentum.

Taking the time and energy up front to craft a thorough creative brief will save your nonprofit time and money, and ensure you get the fundraising brochure, campaign website or annual report you envisioned. And, in going through this process you may realize that another medium or approach will work better than the one you had in mind.

Click here for the nitty-gritty on how to use a creative brief and downloadable template ready for your use.

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Nancy Schwartz on April 20, 2006 in Copywriting, Graphic Design, Nonprofit Communications, Planning and Evaluation | 2 comments

  • Jeff Brooks

    Thanks for the helpful post. Failure to think through a job is the #1 cause of sub-standard, over-budget work. The time you spend on a strong, useful creative brief will more than pay for itself.

  • Donor Power Blog

    Step one to fundraising success: the creative brief

    An amazing amount of fundraising work is done this way: Ready. Fire. Aim. If you like wasting time and money, and if you really don’t mind ineffective work, that method isn’t so bad. Otherwise, you might want to consider aiming

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