Email Marketing Stronger than Ever — Marketing Sherpa’s Email Marketing

This hot-off-the-press free download touts the triumphal return of email marketing. After a period of battling email spam, email marketers have re-emerged more strongly than ever to benefit from the ongoing interest in email communication.

This Marketing Sherpa scoop outlines what makes today’s email effective, including:      

  • Simplicity and directness of copy.
  • Avoidance of graphics that interfere with the text. Email design templates that work are simple, with many now built around a single column rather than two or three.
  • The practice of "double opt-in" (when readers have to subscribe, then respond to a confirmation email to be added to the list) to build in-house email lists.

Read the report today and strengthen your nonprofit’s emails today.      

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Nancy Schwartz on May 1, 2006 in Email and E-Newsletters, Nonprofit Communications, Nonprofit Marketing News | 1 comment

  • MarketingSherpa is dead on! We are noticing renewed interest in email marketing amongst traditional marketers. One reason is higher postage costs. Can’t wait until they come out with some new industry specific case studies on effective email templates.
    Elie Ashery
    President & CEO
    Gold Lasso, LLC

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