How to Keep Your Nonprofit Marketing Skills Sharp and Your Interest High — From Colleagues in the Field

How do you keep your nonprofit marketing skills and interests fresh, when we’re all fighting against not enough time and money? That’s what I asked colleagues to share in this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants.

The Big Top is here at Getting Attention this week (call me Ringmistress), and your peers have some great professional learning strategies to share:

Marc Sirkin of NPMarketing Blog takes a three-fold path to professional learning, built on a foundation of love of learning and reading, willingness to try new things and sheer curiosity.

Whitewater’s Michelle Taylor always seeks a way to zig while others are zagging  to keep the creative juices flowing, and get a fresh perspective on communications and fundraising.

Beth Kanter at Beth’s Blog is a passionate continual learner who pursues learning with a discipline I’ve rarely seen (she dedicates 30 minutes daily to learning). Her learning strategies include searching for, digesting, capturing and organizing perspectives and data online (blogs plus) — an activity which in itself enables Beth to process new ideas (much as taking notes in the classroom did for me as a student) — and getting to face-to-face meetings (mostly vlogger and blogger meet ups) on a regular basis.

Kivi Miller at Nonprofit Communications learns most when she teaches — as a speaker, writer or trainer.

Kerri Karvetski of KK’s Blog counts on LinkedIn as a powerful network to query on the challenges you’re facing or the best way to pursue your new communications goal (she’s right on target here, what a creative strategy for learning),  reading cutting -edge blogs (live conference and campaign blogs and wikis) and volunteering to keep learning and invested.

And finally, yours truly recommends writing (all the time, all media, all topics), nurturing a community of peers as a network (mine’s a combo of offline and online, folks in the field and in related fields),  getting away from the desk to face-to-face meetings (irreplaceable) and finding your nonprofit marketing muse.

What’s your method of continual learning? Share your strategies in the comments box below.

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  • kk’s blog

    THE BIG TOP IS OPEN: Carnival of Nonprofit Blogs Takes on Training

    How do we keep our nonprofit marketing skills sharp? Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention…

  • anna

    Great carnival Nancy, thanks – and pertinent to so many industries as well.

  • One of my favorite methods to keep growing is a variation of the zig whilst others are zagging.
    And that is to seek out the most unlikely of allies where, perhaps the only beliefinterest we share is the common one I ask that they to work with me on.
    That “sweet spot” of mutual interest and benefit keeps us on our toes and going/ growing.
    Rather than focussing on our differences, we know that, together, with the right method, we can attract more visibility and generate more value (such as new kinds of media coverage, supporters and resources) – than we could on our own.
    Usually there’s a sense of theatre involved too because our alliance looks so unexpected. We want to life up to the “Startle Effect” that unlikely allies often cause- keeps us alive and, yes growing.
    Opportunity is often inconvenient yet some of my richest friendships have come out of often prickly beginnings – on a specific, simple, short-term project that helped both my client/non-profit and their organization get closer and grow stronger..
    – Kare. author, SmartPartnering
    “when the sum is greatr than apart”

  • Sunny Smith

    What a variety of ways to learn and continue improving skills! It seems that most of these ideas center around aborbing information in different ways, creating or synthesizing (and improving skills/knowledge in the process), and connecting/interacting with others in your field. All of these actions represent information and ideas flowing in different directions; avoiding stagnation and actively engaging oneself is perhaps the overriding theme for keeping skills sharp and interest high.

  • areopagitica

    Carnival of NonprofitConsultants

    Marketing wiz Nancy Schwartz of Getting Attention is the ringmistress for this weeks Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants a veritable plethora of learning strategies from some of the best in the business.
    Well, what are you waiting for?

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