Puhhleez — Include The Entire Blog Post in Your Blog Feed

Puhhleez -- Include The Entire Blog Post in Your Blog FeedJust venting here. But seriously. I read some 150 blogs on a regular basis — 145 of them via my blog reader, so every moment counts.

And I just can’t stand it when bloggers set it up (yes, bloggers can control this feature) so I have to click on the headline and open up a new Web browser window to read the post. What about making it easy for the reader?

Just one woman’s opinion. The whole point of having blog posts delivered to your in-box or blog reader is ease. So make it easy for me.

Interested in hearing any reason why not to. Let me know if you have one.

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Nancy Schwartz on April 5, 2007 in Blogging for Nonprofits, Nonprofit Communications | 3 comments

  • I just e-mailed one of my favorite bloggers and asked the same question. She use to publish the entire feed and then I noticed in the last month or so that she changed it to the partial post.
    She told me she is now publishing partial posts to encourage people to actually visit her site b/c she recently added ads and traffic is what drives the revenue.
    I haven’t decided what to do about that particular blog, but I’ve been unsubscribing to others that don’t publish the entire feed.

  • Keri Morgret

    Another reason is to prevent your work from being copied and reposted to someone else’s blog. It’s real easy to have a program find posts with certain keywords, grab the content via RSS, and repost it as your own on your blog. Frequent posts keep the search engines happy, and lots of adsense on your blog keeps the money coming in.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scraper_site has some more information.

  • silverlining

    Gah, YES. That drives me nuts.
    To those who only post part of the post, in hopes of driving up web traffic… I almost never click through to read the rest of the article, unless it’s “must know” info.

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