What are the Top 3 “To Dos” on Your 2008 Nonprofit Marketing Agenda?

carnivalLike most of you, I’m sure, I’m busy listing my priorities for 2008. And wondering what’s at the top of your list. Where should more experimentation into social marketing fall? How about direct mail? Are you cutting back?

The timing is great. I’m hosting the always-provocative Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants here next Monday, and will cast a wide net on this question to the thoughtful and imaginative bloggers who participate.

So bloggers of the nonprofit world, what are the top 3 "to dos" leading your 2008 nonprofit marketing agenda? If you write a blog post this week that fits, please send the permalink to me by Friday COB, November 30th at npc.carnival AT yahoo.com or via the Blog Carnival form.

P.S. If you’re daunted by the specter of marketing planning, break it down into more palatable 90-day chunks. Learn how here:
How to Do Grand Plan Marketing 90 Days at a Time (Case Study)

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Nancy Schwartz on November 26, 2007 in Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, Nonprofit Communications, Strategy, Trends | 1 comment

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    Three things to do, in person.

    Charitable giving is Hot, it’s the new fashion, literally! Whether you’re wearing RED jeans, “Dancing for Darfur”, clicking on a sixdegrees celebrity badge or buying a PINK blender you are part of a giving tsunami! So in 2008 how is

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