Freshest Mission Statement on Earth — NYC’s New Museum

Nonprofit marketers take note. NYC’s New Museum, now nested in an intriguing new building in a quickly-gentrifying Lower East Side, got my attention big time with its new Mission Statement:

Freshest Mission Statement on Earth -- NYC's New Museum

That’s it. That’s everything. That’s enough.  I love it, although I know others will hate it. They’ll ask what these words mean, want more syllables, more convolution. To me, a perfect model of less is more.

What’s your take? Comment below please.

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Nancy Schwartz on December 6, 2007 in Branding and Messages, Case Studies, Nonprofit Communications | 6 comments

  • Sandra

    I love it. Easy to remember, intriguing, fresh. I want one like this too!

  • Jeannette R.

    This is simplicity at its best! It’s clean, easy to remember and the use of the repetitive “new” inspires us to expand our minds and embrace new and different concepts and ideas. The in-your-face, straight to the point attitude, get’s your attention and keeps it. Love it!

  • Peter Pugliese

    Like it. Short & Sweet.

  • Ana-Marie Jones

    I really love the simplicity and love it when nonprofits are innovative.
    For a museum – as opposed to a hospice or a domestic violence shelter program – it could really work well to be all about new, New, NEW! Congrats and best wishes to them.

  • John H

    I love it, but what’s the back story? How’d they come up with it? A brilliant staffer/board member at happy hour, a donor testimonial, or a glossy new comms platform produced by a high-priced creative firm?

  • Carlo

    I wonder if they multiply (overuse) the word “NEW” in other branding – which may devalue the meaning of “new”. The saying “there is nothing new under the Sun” comes to mind – which would seem to render their mission statement naive if not shallow.

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