Lead off 2008 with these Nonprofit Marketing Priorities — Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Lead off 2008 with these Nonprofit Marketing Priorities -- Carnival of Nonprofit ConsultantsAs hostess with the mostess for this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, I asked fellow bloggers to share the top 3 “to do’s on their 2008 nonprofit marketing agenda.

Here are several recommendations to consider in finalizing your 2008 marketing priorities:

  • Sherri Garrity at Make it Count whittles top priorities down to one — creating a culture of giving: Creating more givers than takers, and giving them fulfilling and rewarding opportunities and experiences.
  • See3‘s Michael Hoffman plans to 1) help nonprofits increase connection with their audiences, via the right tools and the data to prove it works; 2) guide nonprofits to make the best use of video by creating a well-placed message and using video to reach people who respond 3) guide orgs to optimize social media marketing strategies and viral video techniques to create quantifiable action.
  • Kivi Miller at Nonprofit Communications outlines three straightforward but crucial musts for 2008, that are all too frequently overlooked: 1) Use a clean copy of your logo; 2) add easy online giving to your Web site; and 3) ensure all staff and leadership can deliver your elevator pitch.
  • Katya Andresen links Trendwatcher‘s eight top trends for 2008 to nonprofit marketing. Her take on snack culture (quick, cheap, easy to digest bites…of anything) is right on target — “Short, great, snacky stories about specific people are better.  And be sure you have online giving – [Network for Good’s] research shows the #1 reason people like it is it’s easy.  Convenience is king.
  • Fundraising Coach
    Marc Pitman will focus only on what’s a must (for him promoting his new book), continue to experiment with pay-per-click advertising like that on Facebook.com and widget type marketing like ChipIn.com, and automate promotion of his speaking and training offerings.
  • Yours truly outlines “to dos” that need to be at (or near) the top of every nonprofit’s 2008 marketing agenda:
    • Review 2007 marketing impact (now), and shape your 2008 plan accordingly
    • Reinforce your org leadership’s understanding of the value of marketing, and its support for your work.
    • Bury Web 1.0 to fully embrace participatory communications.

What topping your 2008 marketing agenda? Let us know by clicking the comments link below.

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Nancy Schwartz on December 3, 2007 in Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants, Nonprofit Communications, Planning and Evaluation | 3 comments

  • At Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota, we’re focusing on list growth as our top priority for the Web. We want to use any and every possible tool we’ve purchased from our provider to grow our list and connect with more people. Our next priority is to implement a few Web 2.0 outreach tools to grow our list and our final priority is to give constituents a way to post their stories and opinions related to our mission, fundraising and more.

  • Elaine Fogel

    My top three picks: branding, branding and branding!It’s not just about the logo and look – it’s everything. I’m happy to share this article:

  • I would add to the ones already said by reminding organizations to know their end-objective and make sure that every marketing effort builds onto that end objective. This involves consistency, purposefulness and follow-through.

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