V3 Campaign Provides Window Into Candidates’ Take on Nonprofits

V3 Campaign Provides Window Into Candidates' Take on NonprofitsI never thought much about the potential political power of the nonprofit sector — stemming from its influence and economic contribution, thinking more along issue lines. But now, with the launch of the V3 Campaign, Robert Egger (President of the D.C. Central Kitchen) clarifies the power of the nonprofit sector’s "Voice, Value and Votes."

Many of Egger’s factoids are startling in their quantification of nonprofit impact:

  • 90% of college freshmen have performed community service
  • Nonprofits, via donations received, represent 7% of GDP
  • 14 million in the US work for nonprofits
  • Nonprofits collectively hold $3 trillion in assets.

What’s incredible is Egger’s mobilization of nonprofit staffers to use their power (and their votes) to vet candidates at all governmental levels. All I can say is, why haven’t we used our voice before? Now that we know how strong it is, let’s shout it out.

Thanks to Katya Andresen for the tip.

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Nancy Schwartz on February 6, 2008 in Advocacy, Nonprofit Communications, Unique Approaches | 2 comments

  • Chuck Bean

    Nancy, thanks for highlighting this issue, and Robert’s V3 campaign in particular. We’re starting to put a lot of energy into this issue — see our publications “Beyond Charity” and “Business of Doing Good” on our website at http://www.nonprofitroundtable.org.
    -Chuck Bean, Nonprofit Roundtable

  • Nancy, thanks for covering this. I just wanted to let everyone know that we’ve now made it even easier to ask political candidates for their plans regarding the sector. With just a few clicks you can send the questionnaire to all the congressional candidates in your district. We’ve also started posting responses on our blog for people to rate and discuss.

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