Reaching Across the Aisle to Wish You Happy Roshanah (5769)!

Reaching Across the Aisle to Wish You Happy Roshanah 5769Happy 5769! Today is Rosh Hashanah (literally, the head of the year), starting the new year for us Jewish folks. I want to wish all of you — Jewish and non-Jewish — a sweet and healthy new year.

What’s better than having two opportunities each year to think about what’s happened and correct the course for the months to come. I’m lucky that way.

But what I love most about Rosh Hashanah — beyond the too-rare  chance to stop and reflect — are the rituals so central to our family’s Rosh Hashanah story: Coming together, remembering last year and those before and eating the foods we’ve always celebrated with (a round challah to symbolize the head of the year, apples and honey for a sweet year and all the typical Jewish treats from chicken soup and gefilte fish to that good old Manischewitz).

We’ll be celebrating with a crowd of 20 friends and family members tonight, enjoying all and looking forward to the year to come. Beginning with an easy clean up since we’re using paper plates (eco-friendly, of course)!

Ironically, in ancient times Rosh Hashanah marked the beginning of the economic year as well. Couldn’t be a more auspicious time to get healthy that way too, if there’s any way we can.

L’shana tova! To a sweet, healthy and peaceful year, for you, your family, your organization and the world.

Nancy Schwartz on September 30, 2008 in Nonprofit Communications | 4 comments

  • John Haydon

    Happy Rosh Hashanah!

  • Elaine Fogel

    Shana Tovah to a fellow nonprofit marketer!

  • owen frager
  • Annmarie Ciaverilla

    Thanks for the information! Happy 5769! Going to get some apples and honey! Kosher of course … well maybe just the mellito (honey in Italian);)

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