Brilliant Awareness Building & Micro-fundraising Campaign for Global Women’s Rights — Twitter Used to Spread the Word like Wildfire

Brilliant Awareness Building & Micro-fundraising Campaign for Global Women's Rights -- Twitter Used to Spread the Word like Wildfire

A powerful, imaginative coalition of organizations has formed to fight global poverty in honor of International Women's Day, in the A Powerful Noise campaign . Most interestingly, they've put a highly-viral micro-fundraising campaign on Twitter at the center of their awareness building strategy for global women's rights.

The campaign is working big time. Here's how:

  1. The coalition developed a documentary on the issue, entitled A Powerful Noise, to be shown on Intl. Women's Day (March 5th).
  2. The documentary is complemented by a visual petition (very cool) and the micro-fundraising campaign.
  3. Individuals (like me, and so many others already) were invited to include #apowerfulnoise in a tweet (a post on Twitter) anytime from March 2nd to March 5th. The word has spread like wildfire.
  4. For every post, film distributor NCM Fathom will donate $.50 to CARE (for up to 10,000 tweets), an organization working to end global poverty, in honor of the documentary's one-night premiere with a town hall discussion featuring women all-starts. The single night date drives immediate action.
  5. The tweet campaign (which I'm sure wil generate the full $5,000 donation) works far beyond raising that gift. More importantly, its working fantastically (at little organizational cost or effort — beyond the creative genius) to spread awareness to a huge network, peer-to-peer.

Jump on Twitter before COB March 5th to make a powerful noise; simply post an update including #apowerfulnoise. Then get thinking how you can put your base to work to expand your network — via Twitter or any other social media tool that makes it easy to spread the word.

Nancy Schwartz on March 4, 2009 in Fundraising: Innovations & Research, Nonprofit Communications, Social Media, Video, Viral Marketing | 1 comment
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  • Janice Chan

    I attended one of the screenings (a great event, by the way) and at the end of the panel discussion, they also asked people to text JOIN to a number, for which some sponsor (the name escapes me) donated $1 to CARE up to $10,000. They then sent a reply text asking for an e-mail address and zip code to activate the $1 donation. Not sure how many people they lost with the additional steps required, but if they were using this to build their e-mail list (since you bought tickets through the movie theater and not through CARE), might not have been a bad idea, since I definitely invited friends to the movie who were not on the e-mail list. But I’m not surprised the Twitter campaign spread like wildfire, since it was SO simple to participate.

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