Sea What We’re All Aboat — A Tagline Don’t

Sea What We're All Aboat -- A Tagline Don'tThe effort is definitely there but this tagline packs all the cute without any of the punch.

You only have one tagline — and confusing people with puns (particularly written puns, which add visual confusion to the mix) isn't the best way to use it.

A strong tagline complements your org's name to convey its unique
value or impact with personality, passion and commitment. If you fail
to make the most of your tagline, you throw that opportunity away.

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Thanks to Dan Gunderson, chief copywriter at Big Duck, for passing this one along!

Nancy Schwartz on April 22, 2009 in Branding and Messages, Nonprofit Communications, Taglines | 1 comment
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  • CB

    I’m a creative director and I repeatedly find clients who approach their tagline merely as a clever teaser or headline; sometimes even as a means to compensate for a perceived shortcoming in a name. And as a result they miss the opportunity afforded by a tagline to punctuate the organization’s mission and soul.
    In the case of the Independence Seaport Museum tagline – aside from everything that’s wrong with it – I think that sometimes a touch of mystery can be more effective than an obvious who-what-where-when declaration. As long as you don’t confuse mystery with vagueness.

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