12 Ways to Get the Most from Your Tagline

12 Ways to Get the Most from Your TaglineA great tagline separates your organization from the pack while expressing the heart and soul of your organization.  So when you integrate your tagline into all of your communications, you’re well on your way to having a memorable brand. Here’s how:

First and foremost, train your staff and volunteers (if you have them) to use your tagline in conversations about your organization’s work.  Using your tagline is a great lead-in when asked what your organization does.

Next, feature your tagline in all of your communications in print and on the web.  Adding the tagline to your email signature is a cost-effective way to share information about your organization.

Houston Food Bank, a 2009 Getting Attention Tagline Award winner, has gone the extra mile and included its tagline (Filling pantries, Filling lives) in its main voicemail message.  This is a simple, often overlooked way to communicate information about your organization, particularly potent during off hours.

Here is a handy checklist to make sure that you are getting the most out of your tagline:

In print:
1.  Stationery including business cards
2.  Brochures
3.  Direct mail
4.  Print advertising

5.  Website
6.  Blog
7.  Social media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

In direct communications:
8.  Print and e- newsletters
9.  Email signature

Often overlooked:
11. Voicemail
12. Powerpoint presentations
13. Promotions – t-shirts, mugs, tote bags

What are your additions to this checklist?  Please note how you’re using your tagline in the Comments box below to share it with the Getting Attention community!

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  • Laura Deaton

    Hi, Nancy – I’d add the following, to your excellent list:
    (1) Phone on-hold messages during office hours(in combo with music or in lieu of)
    (2) Have a classy lapel pin made with just the tagline words and no logo. Ask your board, staff, and volunteers to wear regularly. It’s a great conversation starter anywhere you go!
    (3) Create a video with multiple, diverse stakeholders repeating the tagline (across all ages, ethnicities, etc). Upload to YouTube and share, share, share. Can even have them holding different hand-made signs with the tagline. Add music and dancing, make it fun.
    (4) Issues-based advocacy initiatives. Make sure that it is used on all position papers and correspondence with lawmakers, legislators, etc.
    (5) Links – If you’re listed in online resource directories (211 guides, United Way, CFC, etc), make sure that the tagline is included at these linking sites alongside your org name.

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