Your Key to Connection – Take the “Other” to Lunch

Elizabeth Lesser’s dramatic call to action —  lunch with the opposition — in her recent Ted Talk is surprising at first listen but makes a world of sense.

Understanding your audiences — whether they be prospective donors, current members or the legislators your organization is working to influence — is the most reliable key to connection. Knowing what’s important to them — and their wants, habits and preferences — is the only way to make your call to action  relevant (assuming there’s an overlap between your org’s values and goals, and theirs).

How do you get to know your organization’s community and prospects?  Please share your strategies here.

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Nancy Schwartz on February 2, 2011 in Audience Research | 1 comment
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  • Thanks nancy — This is something we’re taking to heart at the Council. We recently sat down with our Economic Development and Industrial Development representatives to find out why they weren’t embracing agriculture as industry (or at least we thought). We had more goals in common than we had thought! Thanks for the TED video; as always, inspirational. T

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