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Nonprofit Branding Case StudyHow one organizations shows, rather than tells, its unique value and impact (a.k.a. brand)…
Bittersweet news from the Upwell team. I opened this email tentatively this morning, a little afraid of what I’d be getting. I’ve followed Upwell with great excitement since its founding four years ago—learning so much from its fresh, collaborative and completely open approach to ocean conservation.

I’ve also been thrilled (comms nerd that I am) by Upwell’s practical but inspired communications approach, built on authenticity with a dollop of humor. Take Upwell’s tagline, The Ocean is our client. Seldom do I see an organization so sharply and succinctly convey its passion, approach and hoped-for impact in a way both provocative and memorable.

And I’ve digested Upwell’s Tide Report emails (here’s the first one) with delight, relishing the warm but frank tone, and clear but accessible ocean news. In fact, I’m always waiting to see what’s next. So it was with sadness that I read that Upwell is closing shop in a few months.

PLEASE READ Upwell’s closing email—In this heartfelt note, the Upwell team dazzles with its straightforward, warm and honest goodbye conversation.  Finally—but not surprisingly—the Upwell folks give us fans and followers a role going forward, inviting us to celebrate and learn from the Upwell community over the next couple of months. THIS is living your brand!

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Nancy Schwartz on January 13, 2015 in Branding and Messages | 3 comments
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  • Jonathan W.

    Thanks for sharing this story of a graceful goodbye. I oversaw the shut-down of a non-profit several years ago & it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my professional life. Too many non-profits – and orgs in general – just quietly disappear. The Upwell team has demonstrated strong leadership & respect for their donors, volunteers, staff, clients etc. by communicating candidly and warmly about the decision & its impact. Kudos to all involved for making the tough choices required of them.

  • Well put, Jonathan. thanks so much for sharing the perspective of someone who’s been there.

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