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Set Your Marketing Goals

This practical, doable marketing plan template takes you from goals to benchmarks, work plan, action and impact!

Those New Year’s resolutions—including the ones we set for marketing and fundraising work—are so hard to keep.

That’s because most resolutions are action items, rather than goals (the real “what we want to get to”). When elements in the world change, throwing those actions into question or making them too difficult, there’s no clear path to adaptation. So the resolutions fade out, leaving you disappointed.



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Nonprofit Communications TrendsMy friend and colleague Kivi Leroux Miller, over at Nonprofit Marketing Guide, provides a wonderful service for nonprofit marketers like us—her annual report of trends in the field.

I urge you to take ten minutes right now to respond to her 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey.

What you’ll get in return:

  1. Special preview webinar on 2015 trends for survey takers ONLY (you’ll know the trends almost a full month before anyone else!)
  2. Full report of survey findings, unparalleled for:
    • Fine-tuning your methods and tactics
    • Getting some fresh ideas, ones you never would have thought of
    • Learning what’s NOT working, so you know what to avoid
    • Serving as proofs for your marketing approach for 2015 (so helpful for building the confidence and buy-in of skeptical bosses and colleagues).

Stop everything to respond to this survey right now. It’s the best investment you can make for marketing success in 2015. Thanks!

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Who Does What on Social MediaPart One: Connect First

Hold your horses on channels. That’s what I urged the fundraisers at this week’s Practical Planned Giving Conference (PPGC) to do, even though the conference was all about multichannel marketing.

Like you, I’m often pressured by bosses and boards of the our client orgs to go multichannel. I hear: How do we use all marketing channels best? Shouldn’t we be reaching out via Twitter for this event? Why don’t we have more connections on LinkedIn? But don’t we want to send a letter to our best prospects?


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Nonprofit-Email-GoalsOMG! These research findings on marketers’ most common email goals astounded me. (Click the chart to see it at full size.)

Believe me, I’m a huge fan of goals. I believe in the power of practical strategy and clear structure to generate the greatest marketing results from your time and effort.  I’ve seen this approach work time and time again.

What astounds me here is not the goals themselves—which are perfectly reasonable—but the finding that more than half of marketers chose nine of the 16 options as their goals. 9 goals!

Ugh! If you prioritize everything, you prioritize nothing, and you’re unlikely to achieve anything. Instead, “choose not to do some things in order to do other things better,” say the Marketing Sherpa researchers.


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Call to Action

Your audiences so often see nonprofit campaigns that lack any call to action so, no matter how compelling the issue or message, that they have no idea how to get involved. I know, because I see them too.

Your call to action is what connects your supporters and partners with your org—you have to have it and it better be clear and doable. Today I’ll help you get there.


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Easy or a reach?So many of you have asked me this vital question, that I want to share my recommendation beyond a personal email. This is a vital issue for you to spend some time on—the challenge level of your nonprofit marketing goals has a huge impact on whether you get there or not.

I believe strongly that you have to hit a middle ground, a balance, and have seen this work time and time again.

The best goals are ambitious, so you push yourself and your colleagues to respond on an ongoing basis to the ever-changing world in which your organization works, and the ever-changing wants of your prospects and supporters (a must for relevance, and moving your mission forward).

But there’s more.


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Flickr: James JordanClarity here is a must for right-things, right-now marketing that advances your issue or cause a.s.a.p.

Goals are what you want to achieve. Complete the sentence: “We want to . . .”

Organizational goals (a max of three at a time) are the steps (look one year ahead) that will take your organization to closer to achieving your mission.

Marketing goals (three tops here too, for that same year) are the best ways to focus your marketing (message development, audience research, e.g. the whole enchilada, not just the communications part) to achieve those organization goals.

Here are a few examples…

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Please take a moment right now (I mean it—this is a 3-question survey) to tell me about your greatest marketing pain points, and how I can help.

Your response will focus me on the topics you need to flourish and drive results, while saving time, money and anguish in that process.
Please answer these 3 questions right now.


All the best,

P.S. Can you do this right now, while it’s on your mind? I’d appreciate it.

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Please take a minute right now (literally, this is a 1-2 question survey) to tell me how you select your marketing activities.

Your answers will guide me to create the guidance you need to save time, money and anguish in that process.

Please answer these 2 questions right now

Thanks, in advance, for your input. You’re the best!

P.S. Can you do this right now, while it’s on your mind? I’d appreciate it.

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Register now, seats are limited. Webinar is Feb. 5 but sign up even if you can’t make it live. You’ll get the recording.

What’s the right way to connect with supporters, and motivate them to act?
And how do I know if I’m doing the right things?

These are the questions you ask most frequently, and tell me that not knowing the answers leads to self-doubt, paralysis or, worse, just doing what you’ve always done, regardless of the impact it may (or may not) have.

But there’s a better way…

Wouldn’t it feel great to know you’re making the right choices, backed by real-time research, sound thinking and true strategy?

I’ll guide you there via this practical and enlightening webinar (kindly sponsored by Guidestar), leading you through the steps to a game-changing marketing plan that activates your supporters.  Register now to grab your spot for the Feb 5 webinar (sign up even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get the recording)

You’ll learn how to:

  • Escape from the muddy messages and impossible to-do lists that deflate your marketing impact
  • Approach marketing as a system, rather than a series of one-offs
  • Identify the right priorities
  • Implement them in a way that generates the greatest results.

You’ll finish the webinar energized, confident and with a clear understanding of what to do next. Please join me!

Get your spot now—seats are limited. Register even if you can’t make the live session—you’ll get the recording.

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