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I’m thrilled to host April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, and hope you’ll blog on this topic so vital to the power of our field and momentum of our causes—the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barrier that keeps you from getting there).

Be specific with concrete examples so we all get what you mean.  Please email the URL of your post and a 2-3 sentence summary to by Friday, April 25  to be considered!

Cover productivity, planning, and/or getting great ideas out of your head and into action. Or, if there’s specific issue, person or gap that’s blocking you from the outcomes and satisfaction you desire, please blog on that. This is the work behind our work. 


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Friends and colleagues, today is Giving Tuesday—the national day of giving—and I’m raising money for an organization dear to my heart: NTEN (the Nonprofit Technology Network). Please join me in supporting my NTEN challenge.

NTEN is the place so many of us nonprofit communicators find community, plus a wealth of resources and support unavailable anywhere else.

Donate now to join me in building a stronger network of nonprofit professionals like us; folks who do more with less by leveraging technology tools to increase their impact and move their cause forward.

Your donation of any size—$10, $25  or more—will be used and appreciated. Please donate now. Thank you for helping NTEN, and helping me meet my ambitious goal of $1,000!

Here’s the back story:


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Overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck?Let’s partner up to conquer these shared challenges—join the Getting Attention Facebook page now.

Ugh! That’s how I feel sometimes as I’m working, working, working to push forward on so many fronts—client projects, speaking presentations, new training programs and managing our part-time coordinator and team of freelancers, among others.

It feels very tough sometimes, especially when I’m overwhelmed by way too many things to do with the time and head space I have.

I think you see what I mean.

Based on what I hear from many marketers and fundraisers like you, you and I  have lots in common that way, even as we have our differences.


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NTEN Annual Conference #14NTC

The Nonprofit Technology Network has a refreshingly open method of designing the program for its 2014 annual conference, and the votes of folks like you are a key part of it.

I’ve partnered with some fantastic experts on these two sessions and hope you’ll to help bring them to life by voting for them today. Voting closes Wednesday, July 31 so vote now please!

Marketing & Fundraising Meet & Greet


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Now’s the time to join the Tagline Focus Project
Launch a motivating, memorable tagline in just 6 weeks for your organization, program, service, campaign or event.  It’ll help you connect quickly to increase donations and other desired actions.


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Say hi at #13NTCI’m thrilled to be back at NTC (the Nonprofit Technology Conference, this year in snowy Minneapolis) along with 1,500 other nonprofit peers. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity, both formally via the many sessions and informally (my fav) through hallway conversations and over cups of coffee.

If you’re here, I hope you’ll say hello, even if you just have a moment! A great time and place to meet is after the Marketing-Fundraising Meet & Greet Session (Thursday 1:30-3 in Marquette IX). Let’s meet or catch up then.

If you’re not headed to NTC, I’ll be reporting out on these and other sessions this week and next!

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Now’s the time to put a memorable, repeatable tagline to work for your organization, campaign, program or service. It’ll help extend your reach, increase donations and program participation, and strengthen your volunteer base.

Join me to craft yours—Learn more now: 
Our next session—I have the bandwidth to lead only two sessions each year—starts May 7.

Save $200 when you register by April 23. And since the program is delivered online and via phone and email (in a small group and one-to-one working with me), you participate right from your desk to save time and budget. Hope you’ll be able to make it.

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Appreciate Your Supporters

You are the best!

You push me with your questions and comments, keeping me thinking, learning and growing. And you push back when you disagree, forcing me to make a better case (or rethink my point). You share your thanks, victories and the stuff that’s even harder to share—your down-dark frustrations.

You’re my professional fuel, and my work (and life) would simply be much less without you. So I thank you!

In appreciation, I’m sharing links to 11 of the bloggers who nourish my expertise and point of view. Fresh ideas, techniques and conversation are vital to your personal professional development and your professional success. These resources help me with that, and I hope they’ll do the same for you:

The Agitators  Fundraising masters Roger Craver and Tom Belford provide original takes on fundraising that make you think twice, and sometimes even make you laugh. We all need lots of both.

Brain Pickings Maria Popova brings readers the most provocative ideas and perspectives from an amazingly broad range of disciplines and perspectives. You’ll know in a second whether the topic of the day is meaningful to you or not. Most are, at second glance if not at first. Refreshing!


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I used to believe anything was possible.

Now I know it is.

Yesterday I watched Austrian Felix Baumgartner break the record for the highest-ever skydive. His dive from near-space also broke the sound barrier, as he jumped 23 miles (a.k.a. 128,000 foot) to stick it in New Mexico.

This spectacle so entranced the rest of us that we broke YouTube in trying to watch. Only temporarily, but still—8 million people were trying to see this amazing success story and crashed access to the live stream. It was compelling

But even more power than watching the jump is the kick in the pants we can get from Baumgartner’s focus, passion and perseverance. If you don’t take risks, you won’t move forward.


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Our daughter, Charlotte, started fourth grade today, and the pumped-up energy at line up this morning got me thinking.

Back to school is one of the definers of fall as we know it—right up there with apples, the changing of the leaves and Halloween.


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