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If the title of this blog post resonates with you, you have lots of company. 
In fact, most nonprofit organizations have a degree of dissatisfaction with their online engagement tools – primarily because there is no perfect platform. Nothing like the pressure of year-end to highlight those lacks.

Fundraising, advocacy, email marketing, events, eCommerce, and CRM are all standard components of most nonprofits’ online engagement software. They’re all critical to the smooth functioning and ultimate impact of every nonprofit using websites, online tools, and technology to communicate, advocate, and raise money to further their missions. You just want to provide a great experience for your supporters and an easy-to-manage tool for your colleagues (mostly accidental techies), right?


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No matter what your holiday is (or isn’t), things do slow down this time of year — which is a nice change from the increasingly hectic path most people’s lives seem to be taking. One of wonderful things I find about that “white space,” is that it gives me time to vision, plan and dream. If I make sure to punctuate my year with enough of these spaces (still working on that), then I’m fueled and focused during those more hectic times.

Today I want to share with you three free Getting Attention guides published this year — on messaging that resonates, marketing wisdom from your peers and books that can lift and energize you. READ MORE

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Your template helps enormously. Thanks so much for the Marketing Plan Template. We’ve just completed our strategic plan and are poised to plan our marketing. We didn’t quite know where or how to start and your plan helps enormously.” — Pam Voss-Page, Executive Director, Student Leadership Services

I outlined the value of planning and evaluating your nonprofit marketing in a recent post, and clearly hit a nerve. Many of you are frustrated by “just doing it,” and feeling that your nonprofit communications impact suffers as a result. And I heard from many of you eager to plan, but not knowing how to start or where to find the time.

In response to your requests, I’ve developed this ready-to-use nonprofit marketing plan template for you to download. I urge you to just jump into completing it. If you don’t, the impact of your organization’s communications is as uncertain as a bingo game.

Your investment of five to ten hours will give you a baseline plan useful in starting a meaningful dialogue with colleagues and guiding your daily marketing focus. Just block out an hour (first thing in the morning is ideal) each day for one to two weeks to complete your marketing plan (download here)

I guarantee that your nonprofit communications impact will soar as your communications plan will provide:

  1. A clear path forward for your nonprofit communications, no duplication of effort thinking what next.
  2. Concrete measurable objectives so you know what you are working towards.
  3. Stronger connections with your base and prospects — leading to more giving, volunteering and advocacy.
  4. Increased productivity–making the most of your time and budget.
  5. A pithy overview of your work ready to use to build understanding and support of colleagues and funders.

Go to it!

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