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All-Org Marketing TeamWelcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival on Launching and Supporting Your All-Staff Team of Powerful Marketers—the best methods and tools to ask, train, support, and thank your colleagues to be effective insight gatherers and messengers. 

I’m thrilled to share with you this sampling from the powerful posts and recommendations submitted by you and your nonprofit peers:

Mad Men’s Don Draper would adore Marissa Garza, Director of Marketing and Communications at Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois. She goes for what she wants, and shares five tips on how she and her marketing team created an “organization-wide marketing team.

Here’s how I train orgs like yours to Extend Your Reach with an All-Staff Messenger Team

Lisa Rupple, Communications Coordinator at the Community Foundation of Lorain County, wants to brainstorm:


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1-AllOrgTeam_pptxPlease share your questions and tips here, or via a blog post emailed to by Friday, June 24.

I’m in love, with a marketing method that’s a game changer for communications, fundraising, and program staff members in organizations like yours—Launching an all-staff team of messengers.

Here’s why:

  • You know what you need to do but can’t get beyond the limits of time, expertise, and budget. That’s the struggle you share most often.
  • Your colleagues are spreading the word but it’s frequently the wrong word. But 42% of them can’t accurately describe what your organization does, much less convey the crucial needed to advance your communications goals. 
  • And your colleagues can have better access to the folks you want to reach. 

For this month’s carnival post, I’m eager to hear your questions and concerns, tips, and tools on popping your team of all-staff messengers:

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Keep-fire-burningWelcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on The Work Behind the Work—the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barriers that keep you from getting there). Alas, most of us can’t count on a sunny afternoon at the pool to recoup.

I’m thrilled to share with you this sampling from the powerful posts submitted by you and your nonprofit peers. The thought, focus and care with which contributors shaped their shared guidance is awe inspiring, and I so appreciate it (and them/you). Here are the most relevant submissions:

1) When things are hectic and your To-Do list is long, its easy to get overwhelmed and unproductive. Avoid these three common pitfalls that lead to burnout, cautions Megan Keane, membership director at NTEN.

2) Working in a small (ok, tiny) development shop, means that Carrie Packard, development director at The Delores Project, deals with an endless To-Do list married with constantly-changing priorities. She relies on these tools to make it through the day, week, and year (with her sanity intact).


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Productive-Creative-MindMake that the cactus flowers, and they are GORGEOUS. It was an absolute joy to be surrounded by them when I was in the Sonoran Desert recently with my family, taking some time to relax and rejuvenate.

I crave more nourishment like this…open space that gives my mind and soul time to rest, reflect and recharge. But that opportunity is all too rare for me, and probably for you in our always-connected 21st century


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RedRoverStaffwPetGuest blogger, Leili Khalessi is the Marketing and Communications Manager for RedRover, a national animal welfare organization. She’s also on the board for The Yoga Seed Collective and couldn’t help but make a few yoga-related puns below.

Thanks to Leili for contributing this stirring post  to this month’s blog carnival—The Work Behind Your Work . There’s still time for yours—Deadline Friday April 25.

As nonprofit communicators, we all know what it’s like to try to find balance in our work despite competing priorities, multiple teams and never-ending deadlines. Never have I felt so “at home” professionally than at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (#14NTC), where I attended a session on “The Work Behind The Work” with Sarah Durham (founder of Big Duck), Stephanie Bowen (most recently with KaBOOM) and Nancy Schwartz. Across the room full of do-gooder marketers, it was clear that while we’d all happily bend over backward for the organizations we support, we were eager to learn from each other’s ways to zen.


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Mark DessauerThanks so much to guest blogger (and dear friend) Mark Dessauer, Director of Communications at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina Foundation. I’m ever grateful to Mark for contributing this stirring post  to this month’s blog carnival—The Work Behind Your Work

Thoughts on facing insurmountable challenges…alone
There was not a soul in sight.  No lights, cars, homes, or other runners.  Only the steady rain on a rural road deep in South Carolina.

I had been running for four miles by myself in the dark with knuckle lights.  I had six more miles to go.  I could hear frogs peeping in the waterlogged forest.  I could see nothing but the road flashing under my moving spotlights.  I now knew I could do this and do it well.  I was at peace.


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I’m thrilled to host April’s Nonprofit Blog Carnival, and hope you’ll blog on this topic so vital to the power of our field and momentum of our causes—the methods and tools you use to stay focused, productive and happy on the job (or the barrier that keeps you from getting there).

Be specific with concrete examples so we all get what you mean.  Please email the URL of your post and a 2-3 sentence summary to by Friday, April 25  to be considered!

Cover productivity, planning, and/or getting great ideas out of your head and into action. Or, if there’s specific issue, person or gap that’s blocking you from the outcomes and satisfaction you desire, please blog on that. This is the work behind our work. 


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Welcome to the Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up for January.

My dad, Manny Schwartz, together with Martin Luther King, Jr., inspired me to ask fellow bloggers to  speak out on their big dream for their organization, cause or the nonprofit community this year, and how they’ll make it real, as they did in last January’s carnival.

This was a tough assignment, being so open ended. I purposefully left it the bloggers to frame it, and so many of them did that so beautifully—most on the theme of forward momentum.

I am inspired and energized by the creativity of these visions and the passionate commitment to getting there. Hope you are too:

More organizations doing more planning is Erik Anderson’s dream, to generate small victories and step closer to goal setting, risk-taking and moving the needle.

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I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream your way to change—not by sleeping or hoping—but by acting to make it real, and motivating others to do the same!

That’s the best way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.—who followed his dream, and motivated us to serve. Consider the influence he and his work still have today, 40 years after he was assassinated.


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I’m honored to host 2013’s first Nonprofit Blog Carnival, on your big dream for your organization, cause or the nonprofit community this year, and how you’ll get there.

Please join the carnival. Just describe your dream and how you plan to make it real in a blog post or article. Email the post permalink, your name and the blog name to by COB January 28.

My January dreams (and resolutions I hope will lead there) are always tuned to the words of Martin Luther King, thanks to my dad, Manny Schwartz (that’s us in the photo).


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