You tell me you’re always seeking more effective ways to build interest and action. Well, there’s no better way than letting your supporters and partners do the talking with testimonials.

Few of you use testimonials—the essence of the kind of consumer-based marketing you’re hearing so much about right now—to full effect. I’m hope to motivate you to change that with this easy-to-get-to success story from Help a Reporter Out (HARO)—a wonderful free service that links reporters with expert sources.


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I just read this testimonial on the NYU Child Study Center site. Nothing could convince me more strongly that the Center makes a real difference in kids' lives, and is likely to be the right place for my child, should she ever need it:

"First, I want to make it clear that I am just a regular kid.

For many years, my teachers labeled me as the "troublemaker" or the "hyper" one, but what they never realized was that I was doing my best to be normal and to meet the expectations that were set. Two years ago, I made my first trip to the Child Study Center, and for the first time my daydreaming was seen as creativity, and my uniqueness my blessing.

I am glad to know that this organization may be able to reach more people like me. Just because we are dealt a different hand doesn't mean we are not winners."                                                                                                                                          –Jeremy Snyder, New York, NY

Testimonials are more powerful than ever, now that we've seen some of the things we've thought were forever fall apart. But someone's individual experience — especially someone willing to share his name — feels reliable.

Make sure you ask your base (supporters, program participants, staff too) to describe their experience with your org, at the time of. Then use those testimonials everywhere.

P.S. Follow these 7 easy steps to harness powerful testimonials for your organization.

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