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Testimonials Can Spur The Confidence and Actions You Want

You tell me you’re always seeking more effective ways to build interest and action. Well, there’s no better way than letting your supporters and partners do the talking with testimonials. You’ve seen testimonials for every type of program, issue and organization imaginable. They’re brief quotes from a member of your nonprofit’s network—donor, volunteer, client, staffer, […]

8 Ways to Craft a Communications RFP Process that Works

As the founder of a 15-year-old marketing firm serving nonprofits and foundations, I’ve probably reviewed over 600 RFPs in my time, all from nonprofits and foundations seeking communications services. And I can tell you, no more than 100 of them were designed well enough to motivate specific and thorough responses from top contenders. Accuracy, of […]

Media Relations Planning–11 Steps to Success

Nonprofit organizations, particularly those on the smaller side, need every advantage they can get. And good media relations planning can a be a significant advantage for your organization. But relax and breathe a sigh of relief. Once you buckle down to this media planning process, it’s extremely doable. Depending on the time you can dedicate, […]

3 Proven Ways to Make an Impact When Message Control Is Out of Your Hands

Now that you know what happens when control of your nonprofit’s message passes from your organization to your audiences, you’ve got to do something about it (see They Said What? for details). Here are three strategies that will ensure your organization works this all-voices-have-equal-weight conversation to its advantage: 1.  Start To Monitor All Channels, All […]

Should Your Nonprofit Launch a Blog?

What’s a Blog? An abbreviation of “weblog,” blogs are websites that take the form of online journals, updated frequently with running commentary on one or many topics. A blog is the absolutely easiest way to provide regularly updated information to your audiences. Because blog creation process is simpler than website creation or print design and […]