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Hallmarks of Effective Grant Writing

Tailoring the Proposal There’s a saying in the world of grant seeking: “If you’ve met one funder, you’ve met one funder.” Part of what makes grant-seeking challenging is that every funder wants something different. The essence of what they want is the same—what do you propose to do, what difference will it make, and where do […]

How to Master Volunteer Communications for Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit professional, you have a lot to juggle: administrative tasks, event planning, fundraising asks, and more. But there’s an important component of your team that helps you push through these challenges and raise your level of success. These are your volunteers. Your volunteers make up the backbone of your organization. Without their help, […]

Are Your Volunteers Bored? Tips for Engaging E-Learning

This guest post was contributed by Amy Morrisey, President of Artisan E-Learning. You’ve just unveiled a new volunteer training e-learning course. The content is based on the in-person training you used before your volunteer workforce moved to home offices and you had to create an effective learning experience while keeping people safe. All is well… […]

14 Important Questions to Ask About Matching Gifts

When you hear matching gifts, what do you think of? Maybe it’s a major donor who matches contributions made during a big campaign. As a nonprofit professional, you might’ve even participated in one of those. But have corporate matching gifts ever occurred to you? Yep, you heard right: corporate matching gifts. Many donors, including those […]

4 Tips to Improve Employee Communication

Like any other type of organization, nonprofits need to have a solid human resources strategy in place if they want to achieve long-term success and better reach donors. And a critical aspect of human resources is an organization’s internal culture.  One of the most important elements of internal culture is communications. How an organization handles […]

4 Strategies for Smarter Virtual Fundraising in 2021

This year, the term “virtual fundraising” became a hot topic for nonprofit professionals everywhere. While online giving was on the rise even before 2020, it wasn’t until this year that virtual fundraising became the rule rather than the exception. Since stay-at-home orders were first put in place, your team has likely learned a lot about […]

3 Tools Power Ambassadors to Success

We all have an incredible marketing and fundraising resource right in front of us—our colleague, board member, and loyal volunteer ambassadors. But most of us look right past them! You STILL HAVE TIME to launch your team of messengers to advance your campaigns. They’re already fans, so many of them will be eager and effective […]

7 Steps to Ethical Storytelling (G.R.E.A.T. Stories)

Does the protagonist of your story know what she’s getting into—how you’ll use her story, and the risks are of sharing it? Probably not, if you’re like most communicators. Let’s change that. Organizations like ours—that share stories regularly to activate our people—wield power and influence. When a protagonist lends us her story to share, she […]