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4 Ways to Listen In to Boost Action

There’s a proven way for your organization to start and strengthen vital relationships with the people whose support, loyalty, and actions you want—donors, volunteers, and even staff (too often overlooked here). This approach is easy to learn and execute. And it’s something you do on a personal level all the time: Getting to know and […]

Nonprofit Facebook: Worth It or Waste of Time?

Facebook—so adored, so dear to so many of us at a personal level—has dramatically changed its spots. And I think your organization’s Facebook free ride is over! I bet you’ve noticed the change—that is, if your organization is striving to use Facebook to strengthen connections with supporters and prospects and spur them to give. And […]

5 Steps to Newsletters that Keep Your Donors Close (Part Two)

Donor-loss danger ahead!  An all-time low 39% donor retention rate means donors are likely to cut your organization from the list next time round. You have to stop the attrition: “A 10% improvement in retention can yield up to a 200% increase in projected lifetime value, as with higher retention significantly more donors upgrade their giving, give […]

Be Prepared—Crisis Communications Checklist

My heart and head were heavy in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings in mid-April 2013, probably much like yours were. I had a completely different post planned for the following day, but wanted to respond a.s.a.p. to the questions, worries and just totally-wrong communications I’d seen going out since the bombings. Most of […]

The 4 Cornerstones of Your Nonprofit Message Platform

You have to connect with your target audiences to move them to act…to give, to sign, to participate, to volunteer and more. Your organization’s messages are your greetings—the first step in building these vital relationships and a must-do for keeping them vibrant over time. But without relevant messages, it’s impossible to connect. Crafting compelling messages […]

18 Nonprofits Honored for Outstanding Taglines

Full tagline winner info here. The Back Story: Great Taglines Promoting Good Causes A nonprofit’s tagline is hands down the briefest, easiest and most effective way to communicate its identity and impact, or to lead its advocacy or fundraising campaign, program marketing or special event promotion. But this high-impact, low-cost tactic is often overlooked or […]

11 Ways to Handle Your Devil’s Advocate Without Getting Burned

I was struck hard by this cartoon honoring superstar children’s author Maurice Sendak, who passed away recently. Sendak was a fearlessly innovative storyteller, who introduced previously taboo topics and tone into his work beginning with Where the Wild Things Are. It’s no surprise that the childrens’ publishing establishment didn’t welcome his innovations with open arms, […]

The 9 Have-Tos: Your One-Stop Checklist for a Powerful Nonprofit Tagline

Your organization’s tagline has the potential to be the most potent message you have, because a good one is easily remembered and repeated—exponentially expanding your reach. Assess your tagline against this 9-point checklist of tagline have-tos to see how it measures up. If there’s more work to do, this process will highlight specific areas for […]