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Using Google Ad Grants to Drive Traffic to Nonprofit Videos

One of the most valuable marketing tools out there for nonprofits is video. Videos display your nonprofit’s mission in a visual, easily digestible way. However, if you don’t effectively promote your videos, they won’t reach potential supporters. That’s where the Google Ad Grant program comes in. An equally impactful nonprofit marketing tool, the Google Ad Grant is a free […]

Making Your Case to Donors: Top 5 Tips to Increase Donations

If you’re a nonprofit professional, you know just how important donations are to your organization. You may receive funds in other ways, such as grants or sponsorships, but consistent donations will launch you toward your fundraising goals. Making your case to donors through presentations and one-on-one meetings is extremely effective because it allows you to start an […]

Managing Financial Records for Digital Fundraising: 4 Tips

In today’s online-focused world, digital fundraising is essential for nonprofits to thrive. Research shows that revenue from online donations increased by 10% from 2021 to 2022, and that number is only projected to grow as more supporters take advantage of the convenience and versatility that digital fundraising provides. When your organization is incorporating new methods of online fundraising such […]

3 Impactful Direct Mail Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit professional, you know that there are always new nonprofit marketing trends emerging. As the world of technology, social media apps, and influencers continues to evolve, these trends can take flight faster than ever. While it’s easy to name the three new marketing trends you noticed on TikTok or Instagram this week, trends in more […]

4 Corporate Giving Events That Teams of Any Size Can Host

  Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the concept that corporations are responsible for addressing social and environmental concerns to make the world a better place. Corporate giving, which falls under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility, allows businesses to contribute to organizations that promote social good (usually nonprofit organizations). Typically, companies organize events encouraging employee […]

6 Common Challenges with Marketing and How To Solve Them

Finding new ways to reach and engage donors is a continual challenge for nonprofit marketing professionals. Effective marketing requires being creative, staying aware of ongoing trends, and navigating obstacles efficiently. Of course, there are still several common challenges that most nonprofits’ marketing strategies will encounter. Facing challenges is a normal part of the marketing process, […]