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13 Top Fundraising CRMs for Nonprofit Organizations

Fundraising CRMs, or constituent relationship management systems for nonprofits, are vital for effective revenue generation and donor management efforts⁠. This is especially true as organizations continue to grow. If your nonprofit is seeking a CRM solution (whether for the first time or to upgrade an existing system), you’ve come to the right place! This list […]

Peer-to-Peer Platforms | 14 Picks That Double Your Donations

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful form of nonprofit fundraising in which organizations equip their supporters to raise money on their behalf. In order to do so effectively, these dedicated individuals require the right tools⁠—or peer-to-peer platforms⁠—to manage their fundraising from start to finish. This fundraising strategy (also referred to as social fundraising or P2P giving) […]

Online Donation Tools | 18 Choices That Help Match Gifts

Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes utilize online donation tools to collect and process financial contributions from supporters. At Getting Attention, we’ve compiled this list of top solutions, complete with summaries, reviews, and features of eighteen fantastic software providers. Our favorite online donation tools include: Blackbaud CharityEngine Classy Click & Pledge Donately DonorDrive DonorPerfect Engaging […]

How to Find Grants for Your Nonprofit Organization

Grants provide amazing opportunities benefitting the nonprofits they serve. From capital support to marketing assistance, grants are a great way to boost the success of your nonprofit. You may be wondering, how will a grant help me? In allowing you to spread your mission, help more people, and carry out charitable initiatives, grants are an […]

What Is A Google Ad Grant? The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits

For nearly two decades, Google Ad Grants have helped nonprofit organizations thrive in highly competitive marketing environments. It is a valuable tool that fuels many nonprofits’ missions and supports the growth of organizations. However, if you’ve clicked on this guide, you likely fall within the large population of nonprofits that are unfamiliar with this game-changing […]

Google Grants Eligibility: Is Your Nonprofit Eligible?

If you’re involved in the nonprofit world, you need to know about Google Grants. Google Grants are a digital marketing resource designed to get your nonprofit the attention it needs and deserves in a financially practical way. Through receiving a monthly paid advertisement stipend, your nonprofit will absolutely see a spike in website traffic from […]

How to Apply for Google Grants | 3 Steps for Your Nonprofit

Are you looking to drive traffic to your nonprofit’s landing page without breaking the bank? We understand. Luckily, initiatives like Google Ad Grants exist— helping nonprofits broaden their reach, increase visibility and drive conversions at exponential rates.  Through awarding organizations $10,000 per month in AdWords funding, Google Ad Grants pose enormous potential for growth in […]

Take Your Nonprofit Branding Strategy To The Next Level

These days, a well-defined and recognizable brand can do wonders for any organization or business. Good branding increases customer loyalty, builds a positive reputation, and ensures people that you’re someone to be trusted.  While you may think a branding strategy is primarily a concern for for-profit organizations, nonprofit organizations need to prioritize it just as […]