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How to Find Grants for Nonprofits: A Guide to Free Funding

  From capital support to marketing assistance, grants provide many opportunities for boosting the success of your nonprofit. After all, your organization needs steady funding to continue furthering its mission and finding better ways to make a difference in the lives of those you serve. With the right approach, you can build lasting relationships with grantmakers […]

How to Apply for Google Grants: Get Approved in 5 Easy Steps

Are you looking to drive traffic to your nonprofit’s landing pages without breaking the bank? The Google Ad Grant program will help you do exactly that! After completing the Google Grant application process, you’ll receive $10,000 every month to spend on Google Ads. Whether you’re an advocacy organization looking to boost petition signatures or an animal shelter aiming to increase […]

13 Top Fundraising CRMs for Nonprofit Organizations (Updated for 2023)

  Fundraising CRMs, or constituent relationship management systems for nonprofits, are vital for effective revenue generation and donor management efforts⁠. This is especially true as organizations continue to grow. If your nonprofit is seeking a CRM solution (whether for the first time or to upgrade an existing system), you’ve come to the right place! This […]

4 Ways to Win Donors’ Hearts with Nonprofit Storytelling

When it comes to marketing your nonprofit’s mission and connecting with donors on a deeper level, nothing is better than an engaging story. Your nonprofit storytelling needs to capture your audience’s attention, clearly explain the problem you’re facing, and empower supporters to be a part of the solution. Ultimately, it should inspire donations and other forms of […]

Top 10 Online Donation Tools That Help Nonprofits Raise More

Online donations are a growing source of revenue for nonprofits, with 63% of donors saying they prefer to give online. From small grassroots organizations to large international charities, nonprofits are turning to online donation tools to make it easier for donors to give and to help raise more funds for their causes. However, with so […]

How to Improve Outreach with Digital Fundraising Platforms

Nonprofits must use their resources wisely to get the most value out of the tools in which they invest. Much like you’d multitask by using several internet browser tabs or taking notes while reading, nonprofit leaders can take advantage of the multipurpose value of fundraising software. Among the various digital tools available to nonprofits, fundraising […]

6 Steps to Hire an Excellent Nonprofit Marketing Consultant

Nonprofit marketing raises mission awareness, ensures you develop strong relationships with supporters, promotes your organization’s services, and so much more! For example, did you know that 25% of donors ages 18 to 29 want social media communications from nonprofit organizations? However, it’s not enough to draft a couple of emails and post a few generic social media posts. That’s […]