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What Is A Google Ad Grant? The Ultimate Guide for Nonprofits

For nearly two decades, Google Ad Grants have helped nonprofit organizations thrive in highly competitive marketing environments. The program is a valuable tool that fuels many nonprofits’ missions and supports the growth of organizations. However, if you’ve clicked on this guide, you may be wondering what exactly is a Google Ad Grant and are unfamiliar […]

Take Your Nonprofit Branding Strategy To The Next Level

These days, a well-defined and recognizable brand can do wonders for any organization or business. Good branding increases customer loyalty, builds a positive reputation, and ensures people that you’re someone to be trusted.  While you may think a branding strategy is primarily a concern for for-profit organizations, nonprofit organizations need to prioritize it just as […]

The Top Nonprofit Marketing Blogs You Should Bookmark

For professional fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, staying in touch with industry trends, new software updates, and current marketing best practices is an ongoing challenge. Whether there’s a global pandemic forcing nonprofits to pivot to all-digital engagements or an updated best practice that impacts how you communicate with donors, it’s critical to keep up. Otherwise, your […]

A Guide to Finding the Right Nonprofit Marketing Consultant

In this modern, digital era, a well-thought-out and data-driven marketing strategy is crucial to any organization or business. For nonprofits, in particular, your marketing strategy is an essential component of driving your mission and garnering support from donors. Nonprofit marketing raises mission awareness, ensures you develop strong relationships with supporters, promotes your organization’s services, and […]

A 2021 Guide to Nonprofit Marketing

Imagine this: Your nonprofit spends months planning the perfect fundraising event. You’ve gathered the resources, hired the catering, and recruited volunteers to pull it all together. A scattering of your most active supporters register, but you don’t get the turnout that you hope. This shortcoming is due to your nonprofit marketing.  As a fundraising professional, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Grants for Nonprofits

When it comes to accomplishing your nonprofit mission and making a genuine impact in the world, you need an effective and successful marketing strategy.  However, getting the funds to drive your nonprofit marketing plan is no easy task. Often, it’s recommended to use around 5-15% of your operating budget primarily for marketing efforts. If more […]