Tagline Award FAQs

Nonprofit Tagline Award FAQs

Great Words Promoting Good Causes

How are award winners selected?
The criteria for winning taglines include clarity, brevity, relevance, authenticity, specificity and comprehensiveness of use, as well as creating a connection between the reader and the organization. The complete criteria for winning taglines are outlined here.

Each submitted tagline is reviewed in comparison to others in its category by the Getting Attention team. Up to 40 semi-finalist taglines are selected via this process and forwarded to the judge handling that category.

Meet our wonderfully diverse panel of expert judges for the 2012 awards.

Each judge selected to three taglines as finalists in her category. At that point, all members of the nonprofit community—from staff and volunteers to service providers, board members and donors—were invited to vote on the best tagline within each category.

What are the prizes for award winners?
Winners get significant recognition via publicity in print and online. But, the value of entering the awards program is best said by two past winners:

“We were very pleased to have our tagline recognized by our colleagues in the industry.  Our award has given the U.S. Fund extra visibility for its marketing and brand work!”
—Kim Pucci, Former Marketing Director, U.S. Fund for UNICEF

“We were thrilled to be selected as the tagline award winner in the Human Services category. We leveraged the award as we rolled out our new brand and kicked off the public phase of our $5M capital campaign.  It was highlighted as an achievement in all of our capital campaign foundation grant requests and spotlighted in our agency newsletter and in the local media.  And, the media buzz that this award created helped JFCS maximize its marketing efforts without the need for allocating additional dollars in this difficult economy.”
—Rose Chapman, LCSW, President/CEO of Jewish Family & Children’s Service of Sarasota-Manatee, Inc.

What are the tagline award categories?

  • Organization tagline (by issue focus)
  • Program tagline
  • Advocacy campaign tagline
  • Fundraising campaign tagline
  • Special event tagline