15 Presidents Who Blog — And No, I’m Not Talking Bush or Putin

University presidents, that is. Thanks to university communications expert Bob Johnson for this very useful list that includes leaders of large public universities to small private colleges to two-year colleges:

As Bob says:

“The list of (university) presidents who blog continues to grow despite the fears and admonitions of lawyers and public relations people who warn against some terrible damage to their institutions if their presidents are let loose to say whatever they want to say on the institutional website. So far, that’s not happened. And if indeed it does, it won’t be cause to remove everyone else’s blog from the Internet.”

What do your organization’s leaders have to say, and should they be blogging?  Read Should Your Executive Director be Blogging. You’ll find more examples of nonprofit leaders who are blogging here.

BTW, take Bob’s admonition to heart — advise your nonprofit’s leaders to blog if it’s appropriate (more on that here), and not to be dissuaded by fears (legal, PR or otherwise).

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