Please Vote ‘Em Up: Communications Sessions @ NTC 2012 (NTEN Conference)

NTEN has a refreshingly open method of designing the program for its annual conference, and the votes of folks in the sector (members plus) are a key part of it.  I’d like to ask for your help in shaping the communications agenda at the conference.

I’ve partnered with some expert communicators to propose these two sessions, and hope you’ll to support us by voting them up today.
Voting closes Friday, September 23 so vote now please!

Say it in Pixels: Visual Storytelling in the 21st century
Visual storytelling has the power to move public policy, incite or halt wars, and alter the course of civil society and this high-energy panel will showcase the impact of visual content to powerfully advance issues, causes and organizational impact.  You’ll share your visual storytelling strategies and stories, see innovative ways that both multimedia and still images have been used to fuel awareness and action,  and witness the difference that great visual stories have over lesser quality work.

You’ll leave the session understanding how visual storytelling can be used most effectively for raising funds, building community, recruiting volunteers and inciting action; clear on how to find and use effective characters to bring your organization’s messages to life; and confident in the best strategies for powerhouse distribution of your visual content. Vote it up!

Help, I’m Trapped in My Inbox and I Can’t Get Out
Escape from the enemies of productivity (including the email death spiral) and regain your strategic senses in this refreshing networking session. You’ll have the opportunity to brainstorm with your nonprofit marketing & communications colleagues on staying productive, on task and energized despite the detritus of the day to day.

Come prepared to share your tips, bare your soul, and learn some new skills and tools that will help you stay organized, productive and mission-driven. You’ll emerge  rejuvenated, connected and energized with a clear sense of what productivity skills, strategies and tools are working best for your fellow nonprofit marketers. Vote it up!

Here are some additional communications-focused sessions that look great – I’ve already voted “Yes” for these and hope you will too:

Drowning in Too Many Channels? Content Creation Strategies to the Rescue
Learn how to create great content for multiple channels without driving yourself crazy!

“But what do you actually do?” – Communicating your Nonprofit’s Work in Ways your Donors can Understand
Get clear and get charged on how to go beyond your mission statement and fund your offline work through online donors with project-based fundraising! It’s concrete, and powerful.

Never Waste another Page: Take Your Annual Reports and Major Publishing Online
Learn the path to the most effective online report publishing approach from the nitty-gritty (e.g. layout) to the more strategic (how to communicate complex  financials in a compelling way, and build leadership support for this transition).

Thanks for voting these up today. I’m looking forward to the conference (next April in San Francisco), and hope to see you there!

 P.S. Get learning right now with peer guidance on strengthening your organization’s marketing impact via the free Getting Attention Guide to Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom.

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