3 Proven Ways to Make an Impact When Message Control Is Out of Your Hands

3 Proven Ways to Make an Impact When Message Control Is Out of Your HandsDog-days-of-summer reminder ==> Effective communications has shifted radically from the megaphone model. These few weeks, when the work world is far quieter than normal, is a great time to begin shifting your org's communications model (if you haven't already). Do it now, so your org isn't left behind.

Here are three strategies to ensure your organization works this all-voices-have-equal-weight conversation to its advantage. For more insights and how-tos, read the full article here.

1. Start To Monitor All Channels, All the Time
Your nonprofit may have once counted on a clipping service to capture print and broadcast coverage of your organization. But what’s equally – if not more – and comments on your org – on websites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other channels.

2. Build Internal Support For User-Generated Content, Listening, and Active Participation
Once you start to scan, and find what’s out there on your nonprofit, you’ll have some proofs of the importance of nurturing this conversation (it’s going to happen anyway, so you might as well embrace it). It’s likely you’ll need to convince your boss or leadership why to support these conversations, and you have the data to do it.

3. Participate, Participate, Participate – After You Develop a “Conversation Policy”
You’ve got to participate in the online conversations that are important – to show you’re listening, to add your perspective and, sometimes, to set the record straight.

P.S. Here's more on how to listen to online conversation. Dive in!

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