5 Steps to Magical Fundraising — Dixon Place Case Study

5 Steps to Magical Fundraising -- Dixon Place Case StudyI attended an incredible performance at NYC’s Dixon Place a few weeks ago, along with my husband and some friends. This is a venue I’ve known forever, and have seen grow from a tiny spot in the founder’s living room to its latest incarnation in its own beautiful building. But I haven’t been there much lately and was incredibly impressed by its magical fundraising.

Here’s how Dixon Place worked it:

  1. The minute the lights flickered and the audience was seated, a staffer thanked us for being so central to the theater’s success, thoroughly reviewing its growth from step one to the new building (this was one of the first performances there).
  2. That worked to engage an already excited audience, making us feel proud of ourselves even if the only support we provided to date was buying the tickets for that day.
  3. The magic hat was passed, with a request to keep it coming. Passing the hat made it all tangible, and the fact that it was a bicycle helmet, rather than the common cap, emphasized the originality of Dixon Place’s agenda. Who could resist? And giving further engaged us.
  4. Next, the staffer suggested we visit the theater’s’s Web site to get more involved , capitalizing on the here-and-now of our attention. On to the show…
  5. And a big final thanks after the compelling show.

My personal poll of our group of five showed a deep feeling of engagement, interest and openness to more Dixon Place. 5 steps to magical fundraising!

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