A Few Recommendations on E-Newsletter Tools

Thanks (once again) to Idealware for providing valuable ratings of e-news tools. I can’t tell you how frequently clients and Getting Attention workshop attendees and readers ask for recommendations.

But rather than duplicate a great effort, let me add a few comments:

  • Forget about sending bulk emails or e-news via Outlook or Mailman, even though you may already have these tools on hand (and they seem cheap). This shouldn’t even be listed as an option, since the cost of getting your organization’s emails tagged as spam is in the billions. Forget about it.
  • Don’t use the free e-news tools — like Topica or Yahoo or Google Groups, if you want to preserve your nonprofit’s brand. The ads that fund these "free" services will dilute your message.
  • Add IntelliContact to the list of hosted e-news tools to consider. I’ve used this service for a few years now for the GettingAttention e-news and find it flexible, reliable and well-priced.
  • Remember that the tool you select is just one factor in the very large equation that equals e-news impact. Learn how to get there via these e-news tips.

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Nancy Schwartz in Email and E-Newsletters, Nonprofit Communications, Recommended Resources | 2 comments

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