Relevance Rules—Oreo Masters Super Bowl Blackout, Where Were You?

Right-Now Right-Things MarketingHat tip to Oreo for its relevant marketing during last night’s 30-minute Super Bowl blackout. Relevance rules!

But where were nonprofits? Radio silence on the social channels, ideal for right-things, right-now marketing.

Take a look at the possibilities: The Oreo marketing team posted this photo ad on their Facebook page within a few minutes of the blackout. It was exactly the right message for viewers at  exactly the right moment.

There are three reasons Oreo grabbed this win—17,500 shares, 6,500 shares—in a flash at a tiny cost. They:

  • 1) Knew that live events drive a huge amount of Twitter conversation, Facebook too—because they tracked that.
  • 2) Were gathering, sharing and analyzing insights  (data, audience response, the blackout) during the game to shape the right marketing things at the right time.
  • 3) Were ready to roll, with roles and responsibilities defined and approvals worked out ahead of time.

They came, they saw, they conquered. Because they could PIVOT quickly and well.

That’s the way your organization can become agile marketers. And you can even though you don’t have an umpteenth of Oreo’s marketing resources. Just look at what PBS tweeted during the blackout!

Relevance Rules for PBS

I’m going to guide you to become agile over the next few months…it’s the New Nonprofit Marketing. Stay posted!

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