Ask Your Base to Make the World a Better Place, Without Spending a Cent: The Give List

Ask Your Base to Make the World a Better Place, Without Spending a Cent The Give ListThe Give List, launched just last week by Allison Fine and Marnie Webb, already lists 71 ways to support communities and causes without your wallet.

It’s rough out there right now for all of us, but that means that other folks and organizations need our help more than ever. So incredible minds Fine and Webb put their heads together to shout out for ways gift givers can strengthen lives and communities.

What’s great is that Fine and Web are putting Web 2.0 to work to brainstorm far and wide, and have already received some great ideas. Take a look at this eye-opening list of $0 helping ops from Lacey at the LA Chamber Orchestra.

Take 15 minutes today to brainstorm how your supporters can help your org even if they can’t give a cent, then shout it out via your blog, site and e-news. Don’t forget to add your ideas to the Give List by tagging your ideas with #givelist on Twitter, or with “givelist” (without the quotation marks) on de.licio.ous, your post or flickr photo so the Give List team can share them with the world.

Great job of seeing the bright side, Allison and Marnie, and crafting a network to inspire others to share their bright ideas for making the world a better place.

Photo: Kevin Eddy, Flickr

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