Aw Nuts! Peanut Council Showcases Effective Crisis Communications

Aw Nuts Peanut Council Showcases Effective Crisis CommunicationsSince we have a 5-year-old who’s a peanut butter devotee, we’ve been following the peanut salmonella scandal closely. Our first step was to check the labels of all our peanut products against the FDA list of tainted products (all clear).

But I was astounded by the Peanut Council’s proactive and strategic response to the industry crisis. After all, peanut-based products have already taken a huge hit with the prevalence of childrens’ nut allergies. And now with this, the peanut industry is fighting for its life.

Here’s how they’ve handled this criss:

Way to go, Peanut Council for your best practices in crisis communications. When your org is facing a criss — follow the Council’s cue to go fast, thorough and non-defensive.

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