That 1 Thing… Ugh!

Communications Bad HabitWhat’s that one bad work habit you want to change but just can’t do it?

C’mon—we all have at least one. But be it one or many, these habits can drive us crazy. OMG!

Here’s my biggie bad:

  • Whenever I speak or train, I learn a ton from folks like you who are in the room or on the webinar.
    • These learnings hugely enrich my understanding of the topic (let’s say, writing for social media vs. websites). I know that weaving them into my presentation will make next time even better.
    • Plus many are the start of 5-star blog posts.

  • Each and every time I vow—as I digest your great questions, stories and recommendations—to annotate and revise my presentation and draft those posts ASAP.
    • My intent is usually to do it on the plane home or as soon as I get back to my office.
    • Like last month, when I worked with such great colleagues in Toledo to strengthen their message skills, or when I speed-coached several small-in-size but so strong organizations in Findlay, Ohio. But….

It doesn’t happen that way. The photo up top is part of the pile of notes I’m a month late on weaving into my presentation, using as fodder for blog posts, and following up with people on. Ugh!

I think you know what I mean. How can I break this bad habit, so I harvest my learning when its freshest? Please share your recommendations here.

What’s your most frustrating bad work habit? Please share here and I’ll respond with some ideas (and ask other readers to do the same) in a future blog post. If you’d like to remain anonymous, just note that in your comment. Thanks!

Nancy Schwartz in Professional Development | 14 comments

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