Birthday Wishes — and Thanks a Million — to Beth Kanter

Birthday Wishes -- and Thanks a Million -- to Beth KanterDo you know Beth Kanter, dedicated teacher, experimenter, provocateur, mentor to organizations weaving their way through social media? If not, I suggest you dive into her blog a.s.a.p., because to know her is to learn from her.

Here’s what’s different about Beth – she’s relentless in her pursuit of understanding why and how social media build conversation and connection, and why not. And she shares everything she knows. More than any other single person, she’s leading nonprofits into smart and useful use of social media tools.

Beth even makes her 53rd birthday (today) into an opportunity to learn and to give back — by “friendraising” $530 to send 53 Cambodian children to school. You can give here to make that happen.

Happy birthday, Beth. I love your passion, admire your focus, am inspired by your creativity and benefit constantly from the insights and questions you share. Thank you.

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