Blogs Provide Unmatched Opportunity for Nonprofit Program, Service and Organization Launches

Couldn’t agree more with Blog Business World’s Wayne Hulbert when he sings the praises of blogging prior to a product launch. Well the same goes for nonprofits launching a new program, service, name or the organization itself.

Here’s how:

  • Your blog is an idea way to develop a pre-launch buzz. When the new program or service is discussed by its potential early adopters, it’s likely to be treated as already "owned" by them. The engagement of all of these "thought leaders" has already begun.
  • As a communications vehicle, blogs are almost unmatched. Your nonprofit gains a human face with the addition of a blog to its website, or as a free-standing linked site in its own right.
    • The daily writing of posts, and talking to your various target audiences gives your organization a friendly and approachable image.
    • The fact that blogs allow for interaction between the writer and the readers, through comments, provides for instant and honest feedback. If for no other reason than to avoid a potential program or service disaster, the line of communications should remain wide open. Be proactive.
    • Talking to your stakeholders reinforces relationships that can last for a lifetime. Those lifetime donors, members, volunteers and more can also become your greatest brand evangelists, who will spread the positive word of mouth, on your organization’s behalf.
  • Media relations are much easier with a blog component to your website. Journalists can check the blog for news in an instant. With that ease of story creation, your nonprofit is much more likely to receive media coverage, than a non-blogging organization.

I’ll add more to Wayne’s list in a future post but I think this list should convince all nonprofit leaders. It’s a no-brainer–high impact, little cost.

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