Bob Johnson Showcases Website Innovations That Drive Return Traffic

I’m always eager to digest Bob Johnson’s e-news, where he features a weekly review of a higher ed (college or university) website.  Most weeks, Bob’s case study highlights an online marketing best practice.

In last week’s review of the Capella University’s website,  Bob highlighted the site’s practice of enabling students (or members, or program participants or any other group your organization serves) to share their stories online. Take a look at Capella’s site, and select from three stories on the home page, or 13 more selections inside. When you do, you’ll see that Bob’s right about the power of shared stories.

Nothing is more meaningful than hearing from it directly “from the horses mouth.” This best practice takes the power of testimonials one step further. And, as Bob reminded me at the end of his email, don’t forget to close each story with a call to action.

I think you’ll find most of Bob’s case studies to be useful in strengthening your nonprofit’s website. What’s crucial for colleges  and universities is to ensure return visits, especially from  prospective students who don’t make their application decisions in a day. And in most cases it’ll take your prospective members, participants, volunteers and board members more than one visit to your site to decide on next steps. Plus it’s critical for current  stakeholders of all types to return to your website periodically for news on programs, opportunities, and more. Bob’s case studies will give you fresh strategies for website success.

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