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Right-Now Right-Things MarketingHat tip to Oreo for its relevant marketing during last night’s 30-minute Super Bowl blackout. Relevance rules!

But where were nonprofits? Radio silence on the social channels, ideal for right-things, right-now marketing.

Take a look at the possibilities: The Oreo marketing team posted this photo ad on their Facebook page within a few minutes of the blackout. It was exactly the right message for viewers at  exactly the right moment.

There are three reasons Oreo grabbed this win—17,500 shares, 6,500 shares—in a flash at a tiny cost. They:


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Flickr: QuinnRegister now, seats are filling fast. And you can watch at your convenience if you can’t make it live.

What’s the right way to connect with supporters, and motivate them to act? And how do I know if I’m doing the right things?

These are the questions I hear most from you, followed by your secrets—that not knowing those answers leads to self-doubt, paralysis, or, worse, just doing what you’ve always done, regardless of the impact it has (or doesn’t have).

Being uncertain so unsetttling. I hate not knowing which way to turn, and being forced to just see what sticks via trying various things out. Yuck.

But you don’t have to leave it up to chance. There’s a better wayRight-Things Right-Now Marketing

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I Have a Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream your way to change—not by sleeping or hoping—but by acting to make it real, and motivating others to do the same!

That’s the best way to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.—who followed his dream, and motivated us to serve. Consider the influence he and his work still have today, 40 years after he was assassinated.


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