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There’s no better gift than learning from a friend. And what a treat I had recently, learning self-care at work techniques from Beth Kanter, a fellow speaker at the JCamp 180 conference.

We all know how pressured our work lives are. Which makes it imperative to jumpstart Beth’s approach (developed with Aliza Sherman, her co-author of  The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout). Here’s Beth’s 4-step ladder to well-being— and doing your best work—year round:


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dennis 50 percentwebGuest blogger, Dennis Fischman left a senior management position at a nonprofit organization to found Communicate! Consulting.

We love talking with friends.  We hate going to meetings.  Why?

Too often at meetings and conferences, we’re listening to people we don’t know, talking about an agenda that doesn’t matter to us.

With friends, we can share not only thoughts and plans, but hopes and dreams–the things that make us get out of bed in the morning–the things that make us human.

If only we could invite people to bring their whole humanity to the conference room. But how?  Ask these three questions.

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One of the many joys of working with you face-to-face via keynotes and workshops is learning what works for you. I share that out here whenever possible, as peer-to-peer guidance is the best there is. The simple but overlooked technique I’ll share with you today came from one of the highly-energized members of the LSA Communicators Network, who I guided through an intensive one-day marketing planning workshop last month.

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I was thrilled to sit in on this session at the recent Communications Network conference, and even more pleased to see that participation was evenly split between communications consultants/firms and the foundation staff members who hire them. Devils and angels (lips are sealed on whether the consultants are the devils or the angel) dialogued towards more productive partnership, sharing these guidelines: READ MORE

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