Change.Gov is Up — Obama Shares Vision, Plans & Hopes, Wants to Hear Yours

Change.Gov is Up -- Obama Shares Vision, Plans & Hopes, Wants to Hear Yours

Less than 48 hours after winning the election, the Barack Obama transition team has launched Change.Gov.

Like many sites, it’s a work in progress. For example, I see “content to come” as the only element on the America’s Service Plan page (at 11/6, 7pm eastern).

Frankly, it’s good to see that authenticity. After all, I’m sure there’s not an organization out there that’s  launched a 100% complete, 100% error free site, especially in two days. The way that Obama’s team shows their humanity is engaging. They’re not afraid of being real, like you and me, and that makes us feel closer to them. Win!

I’m also pleased to see continuity in message and values (yes, a President can have a brand), with citizens asked to share our visions, stories and perspectives on key issues. I’ve just submitted my vision and will let you know how it’s followed up. I know it will be.

The Obama team really shines in putting Web 2.0 to work. When I provided my email and zip code (not sure what for), I was thanked for “helping us remake Washington.” And there’s a blog too, complementing the user-generated content (visions, etc.). It’ll be interesting to see who blogs, if comments are accepted, etc. Just another way to read the new administration.

But what’s most exciting is my gut feeling that they’ll move beyond the sharing of visions and stories (which I’m sure will be shared back) and join these folks up with the 3.1 million campaign volunteers of as some kind of mind-blowing citizen advisory board. That’s real community, and I can’t wait to see it take shape.

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