Children’s Defense Fund Launches Elect Susie Presidential Campaign to Address Child Health Crisis

Children's Defense Fund Launches Elect Susie Presidential Campaign to Address Child Health CrisisChildren’s Defense Fund (CDF) is hoping to push the children’s health crisis (more than nine million US kids without health insurance) into the election-besotted media with the its new “Elect Susie” campaign. Great idea — if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

CDF believes that elected officials are not doing enough to solve this problem, and has developed the “Elect Susie” marketing campaign to build awareness for its legislative plan to provide all children in America with health insurance.  One 10-year-old girl is delivering an ultimatum: Find a solution now, or she will take matters into her own hands by running for President.

“Elect Susie” features all of the traditional political campaign elements, including TV spots, print ads and out of home signs and posters.  But in hopes of creating a more viral/pass-along effect, the copy in the traditional elements urges audiences to visit  There, they can find additional facts about the issue, submit their own personal story, read the latest news headlines pertaining to healthcare, view pictures of “Susie” during her TV commercial shoot and download online banners and posters.  In order to get people involved, “Susie” asks site visitors to sign an online petition for the nine million uninsured children.

This is an incredibly clever way to jump on board a big story (move over Obama), and relate a critical issue (and a nonprofit brand) to what’s consuming the nation. I’ll be tracking this strategy and report back on ultimate impact.

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