Consider “Consideration Marketing” for 2006

If you’d like to plunge into 2006 with a fresh marketing concept, consider "Consideration Marketing." Bob Johnson alerted me to this term in Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter, his always interesting e-newsletter on marketing within the higher education arena.

Bob points to a recent ClickZ article citing Consideration Marketing as "your new best friend" in today’s interactive marketing environment. What’s the point? Evans focuses on marketing activities in the time that between first inquiry and a decision to purchase as the "consideration" phase that hasn’t received enough attention from marketers. In the traditional world of sales (of significant expenditures), this is called the sales funnel, describing the passage of a good lead into the funnel and through the sales cycle.

What’s clear is that the concept is as applicable to audiences’ decisions to use your program, advocate, give, volunteer, or whatever else you’d like them to do. That sure sounds like what often happens as people begin the volunteer opportunity selection process with an initial information request. In this model, that’s when websites, email, RSS, podcasts and more play a critical role in whether or not someone decides to join your program.

The bigger the decision (for example, major donors), the bigger the consideration. Consideration marketing emphasizes higher yield in the inquiry to action stage of the nonprofit engagement cycle.

Nancy Schwartz in Nonprofit Communications, Strategy | 0 comments

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