Spearhead Action with a Smile:
Kaboom Case Study

I’ve always admired the work, style and smarts of Kaboom, which helps communities nationwide to build and restore playgrounds. So I was thrilled to interview a few Kaboom staffers — including Jim Hunn, Vice President, Mass Action — in my discovery process for a client’s web strategy.

Engagement is the success factor for every program, including the project I’m working on, and a primary topic of my work.  Jim and colleagues outlined several key motivators for community participation in the work they do, ones they’ve identified through getting to know what’s important to these communities. Knowing that, and what’s top of mind for the network you need to engage is the prerequisite to relevance, which drives engagement.
Kaboom wins big in morphing this grassroots-based understanding into compelling and fun messages. Take its holiday gift card campaign, which Jim describes here:

This holiday season the folks at KaBOOM! are encouraging everyone to go out and play with this fun Facebook app. We sent out the card via email last Friday. We think it’s a fun, effective way of spreading the message that play is important for kids of all ages.

For every person with whom you share the free Gift of Play gift card, you get credited for 60 minutes of play. If your friends share it, you get another 5 minutes. The point? Play is important for adults and kids alike, especially during the holidays. Why 60 minutes? That’s the amount of play time recommended for kids each day.

So far almost 900,000 minutes of play have been earned across the country. One participant notes: “As I write this blog, I’ve earned 570 minutes of PLAY! You bet I’m cashing that in during this winter break…no one said I had to play with my kids, right?”

I’ve rarely seen such a creative and relevant call to action! Kaboom connects with its supporters via the shared value of play, further engages them by asking them to gift play and in sharing the card with friends and family, and the organization’s their universe of contacts to include those “shares.” All with a sense of fun and a clear connection to holiday gift giving–certainly top of mind for many of us.

How do you integrate fun into your calls to action? And how do you know what’s most important to the folks you’re hoping to engage? Please share your strategies here.

P.S. One of the things I love most about my work is the opportunity to meet and work with so many creative minds — and the Kaboom folks are leaders on that front. Turned out they’re also Getting Attention blog and e-news readers (fun!).

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