Crowdsource for a Slogan that Sticks

Crowdsource for a Slogan that SticksTaking the contest strategy of audience engagement to the Nth degree, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is calling loudly for entrants and votes for its new slogan. With its Bump Up Our Majority campaign, the Committee is seeking a slogan to carry it through the 2008 election — for use on its Web site, bumper stickers, campaign handouts.

For the right creative writer, it’s a great chance for broadscale self-promotion as the winner becomes part of the Dem story. For those who just vote on the existing slogan choices presented, it’s a fun way to participate. For the DSCC, it’s a cheap way to get immediate publicity, develop more loyal and engaged supporters (with contact info) and come out the other end with powerful messaging. Win-win-win.

What’s particularly effective hear is the language (I got an email urging me to join the fun) that the Dems use:

We need a turn of phrase that really jumps out and tells you right off the bat what this election is all about.  In 1992, it was “It’s the Economy, Stupid.”  In 2006, Democrats simply said “Had Enough?” It was the only question America needed to ask.

We got a few ideas, and we even taped one of our brainstorming sessions.  Take a look and then, do us the favor of voting for one of our top picks.   But if you got something better, we’ll throw that in the mix too.

Then, once they’ve engaged you, they step up and throw in critical points on:

  • How important it is to stay engaged
  • The potential power, and impact, of the dems
  • Spreading the word on the contest and the campaign.

Congrats Dems on a fun, high-energy way to make a splash at the height of the end-of-summer doldrums.

P.S. According to Wikipedia, crowdsourcing is “taking a job traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, and
outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people, in the form of an open call.”
More to come in future posts about other ways your nonprofit can capitalize on the creative energy of your audiences.

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