Pls Join Me in Supporting NTEN

Friends and colleagues, today is Giving Tuesday—the national day of giving—and I’m raising money for an organization dear to my heart: NTEN (the Nonprofit Technology Network). Please join me in supporting my NTEN challenge.

NTEN is the place so many of us nonprofit communicators find community, plus a wealth of resources and support unavailable anywhere else.

Donate now to join me in building a stronger network of nonprofit professionals like us; folks who do more with less by leveraging technology tools to increase their impact and move their cause forward.

Your donation of any size—$10, $25  or more—will be used and appreciated. Please donate now. Thank you for helping NTEN, and helping me meet my ambitious goal of $1,000!

Here’s the back story:

I’ve been a nonprofit marketer for years now, but for the longest time I couldn’t find the right professional community where I could build my skills, meet my people, and just enjoy.

When I finally got myself to the 2008 NTC (NTEN’s annual conference), I knew I  had found the right place. That’s where I heard Dane Grams talk about his mobile campaign experiments at Human Rights Campaign (in 2008!) plus had many other first face-to-face conversations with colleagues who continue to enrich my life and work to this day.

Ever since, participation in the  NTEN community has meant the world to me. The fact that the community includes fundraisers, IT folks, program staff and leadership as well is a huge value—this kind of cross-fertilization adds so much to my perspective and learning, but is all too rare.

Now I’d like to ask you to join me in supporting NTEN...As we gear up for an incredible year ahead, NTEN needs your support to help renew and scale up its efforts. You’ll help:

  • Welcome new members who can’t cover the cost of NTEN Membership
  • Ensure a diverse range of organizations participate in the NTC through scholarships
  • Develop new programs and resources for NTEN’s growing community.

Please donate today Thanks so much!

P.S. I was so proud to be invited to join the board several years ago, and that role remains one of my greatest pleasures. There’s nothing better than advancing a cause and community that means so much to me.

Please join me in supporting NTEN!

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