R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Way to Donor Retention

Donor Retention Rules!Donor retention is an absolute priority (again) for 2014. Yet the path to donor retention success remains elusive for so many organizations. How about yours?

Please join me in thanking Frank Barry and the Blackbaud team for sharing donor retention guidance from some of the smartest fundraising experts out there. I’m thrilled to be included!

Here’s my #1 donor retention recommendation—R-E-S-P-E-C-T your way to strong and long-lasting donor relationships:

  • Respect donors’ wants, even when they DON’T want to hear from you
  • Enlist your fundraising colleagues to segment donors as precisely as your time, expertise, budget and tools allow, so each donor gets the most personalized outreach possible every time (or no time)
  • Start up a donor advisory board of folks willing to share 5-10 minutes/monthly to help you improve your donor satisfaction
  • Put together an all-org donor listening team—Ask for your colleagues’ help, then show the WIIFM of donor feedback via tangible examples
  • Execute a system to log, share and analyze donor insights throughout your organization
  • Course-correct at a moment’s notice—agility in adjusting your fundraising approach to fit what’s vital to your donors, and their recent interactions with your org, is a must
  • Take stock of what’s still not working with your donor retention program and ask the donor advisory board how to do better!

Remember to review what these 11 donor retention experts recommend. I think Mark Rovner brings it all together with his focus on “authentic engagement and great donor service.”

BTW, if you find these tips useful, you’re going to love the full (and free) donor retention eBook. Be sure to subscribe to our updates to catch the release!

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