Don’t Waste Message Real Estate. It’s Priceless!

Don't Waste Message Real Estate. It's Priceless Reviewing the taglines submitted to the 2009 Nonprofit Taglines Award program is a fascinating process. I've been amazed at the quality of taglines submitted for the most part.

My review of 1,700 taglines also highlighted for me the most common "just misses." These taglines are almost great, but could be much stronger with minor tweaking:

  • Avoid repeating your org's name in your tagline. Since most effective taglines are eight words or less, don't waste them on repeating words in your organization's name.
    • Association of Public Health Laboratories — Public Health Laboratories: Analysis, Action, Answers
  • Feature your founding date only when it adds value. Featuring your org's founding date is meaningful only when 1) it represents a long time span and 2) it's vital to show reliability.
    • Works: Von Canada — Touching Lives Since 1895
    • Not as strong: Perugia Press — Celebrating Poetry by Women since 1997    

Beware, these "just misses" are relevant to all messaging, not just taglines.

What are your messaging pet peeves? Let me know by commenting below and I'll share them with fellow readers.

BTW, I'll be back to you regularly with more finds from the 2009 tagline entrants!

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