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NTC 2012 in San Francisco

A spa for your intellect, creativity and spirit…
Register now for NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) and we’ll finally have a chance to meet in person! More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to nourish and energize yourself talking with–and learning from–some of the most creative, passionate folks in the nonprofit world!

And if you register before December 1, you can grab an early-bird registration to save $200. Win, win, win…..

Marketing and fundraising topics are a major focus of the NTC agenda (and participants)
More than a decade ago, NTEN launched NTC as a meeting ground for tech geeks. It’s evolved dramatically over the years and now marketing and fundraising topics are a major program focus.

I’ve participated at all the major marketing and fundraising conferences (and spoken at many of them).  I don’t want you to miss out on what you can learn here.

“A good story lies at the core of every effective communication.  But the ways in which we can share those stories, and empower our stakeholders to tell their stories, have exploded—all fueled by technology. At the NTC, we explore the myriad ways the communications are empowered by technology — from email newsletters to social networking strategies, and how communicators and technologists working together (or one person with both skill sets) can generate huge impact,” says NTEN executive director Holly Ross.

NTC is more than a conference; it’s a gateway to colleagues whom you’ll connect with and learn from, and want to keep in touch with.
The program is too rich to cover here but I promise you’ll have the opportunity to learn what you need to know to push through the hurdles that are in the way of your marketing and fundraising success. Interaction is at the core of every session, so you can rely on  bringing your specific needs and interests into the conversation, and getting the guidance you need (and on sharing your strategies for success with others in the field).

But what I always appreciate most of all is the opportunity to meet and brainstorm with some of the most creative minds in the nonprofit sector. Please join me there.

Register today to change tomorrow

Full disclosure: I’m a board member of NTEN, which runs this conference. But I became a huge NTEN champion through attending this conference — the only venue I know of where program, fundraising, communications folks and other key nonprofit staffers and consultants learn and talk together about common challenges and strategies!

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